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Take the guesswork out of trimix medication costs.

Trimix injectable prescriptions are shipped with dry ice Monday-Thursday as next-day only. See below for compounds we make. 

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Each order contains two 2.5mL vials and injectable syringes.

* California is the only state we ship sterile compounded medications at this time.
** We send each batch of medication for tests to ensure high quality. For more information, you can email us at
***The information contained herein is NOT intended to be the label for a finished drug product. No claims are made as to the uses, safety, efficacy or bioavailability of the compounded products contained therein. The suggested formulations are provided for reference only and are based on formulations that have historically been ordered by duly licensed professionals. The suggested compounded products are not intended to replace the independent judgment of the prescriber or the licensed pharmacist.

Trimix Compounds

The following sterile compounds are dispensed in a quantity of 5mL:

Compound Name Strength
Alprostadil/Papaverine HCI/Phentolamine Mesylate 10mcg / 30mg / 1mg / mL
Alprostadil/Papaverine HCI/Phentolamine Mesylate 20mcg / 30mg / 1mg / mL

How to use the injections?

These step-by-step instructions detail how to properly use your penile injection at home without a doctor:
  • Tear open an alcohol swab and wipe the rubber top of the bottle to sterilize it
  • Peel open the syringe and remove the protective cover from the needle. It is important that you do NOT contaminate the needle with anything but the rubber bottle cap
  • Make sure you inject a small amount of air from the syringe into the vial before pulling the appropriate amount of medication
  • Push the needle through the rubber stopper, then flip the ampule (the glass container of medication) upside down. Pull on the plunger until you withdraw the prescribed amount of medicine
  • As you continue to hold the ampule upside down, inject whatever air remains in the syringe into the ampule
  • Pull the needle out of the ampule and lay the syringe on the edge of a flat surface. Make sure the needle hangs over the edge to keep it from touching anything
  • Grasp the head of the penis between the index finger and thumb and gently pull the penis away from your body until the skin is taut
  • When choosing an injection site, avoid any area where a vein is clearly visible. We recommend changing injection sites from left to right as well as up and down the shaft and back again to ensure that you do not develop scar tissue at one specific site
  • Wipe the skin with an alcohol swab
  • Pick up the syringe with the other hand and position your hand like you’re about to throw a dart
  • Touch the point of the needle to the place you want to inject (only inject your penis while you’re sitting or standing.)
  • Hold the syringe at a 90-degree angle and push lightly to penetrate the skin near the base of your penis
  • Once you’ve poked through the skin, you will feel some resistance. Push firmly forward until a distinct “give” is felt. The needle should now be in the right place (within erectile bodies). The whole length of the needle should also be up to the hub
  • Hold the syringe between your index and middle fingers and place a thumb on the plunger to inject the entire contents of the syringe. Then take the needle out of your penis.
  • Immediately apply pressure to your penis with your thumb and index finger for two to three minutes using the alcohol swab. Wait until there is no bleeding
  • Place the needle in an appropriate sharps disposal container

What is the difference between sterile and non-sterile compounding?

The difference between sterile and non-sterile in compounding pharmacies is that sterile medications are intended to be used as injections, infusions, or applied inside the eye. Non-sterile medications can be in solution, suspension, ointment, creams, powder, suppository, capsule, and tablet forms. 

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