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Health Systems

Gain an institutional advantage

Contract with Valor, and be more confident about the quality of your patient experience. As an industry leader, Valor serves as a compounding pharmacy for retail pharmacies, health insurance plans, private medical groups, public zoos, hospitals, and other institutions.

Higher satisfaction for everyone

Our consistent quality, rapid turnaround time, economical pricing, and attentive customer service help systems and physicians deliver customized healthcare and patient satisfaction at the same time.

Actionable data for your institution

When you work with Valor, you have a proactive, data-driven partner. We provide data back to you on your patients’ number and types of prescriptions. Our analysis and recommendations can help you better understand and plan for your customer base.

A smooth partnership

During an initial project scope meeting, our administrative team works with you to establish the purchase order process that works best for you and to discuss mutual expectations, contracted formularies, specialized pricing, and other requirements and opportunities. Once your plan is implemented, we keep a scorecard of metrics and review it with you every quarter.

Continuous improvement and accountability

As an organization that is committed to human health and customer satisfaction, we continuously improve our operations using the comprehensive data we collect. Every patient concern or complaint feeds into an established process for improving both our service and our products.

Contact with Valor

Call us for a consultation about your organization, your prescribers, and your patients. Valor brings insight we’ve gained from our institutional partnerships to your situation and helps you craft a solution that is a win for all of your stakeholders.

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