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Raising the Bar as a Compounding Center of Excellence™

Our purpose, cause, and passion is to take care of you on your personal healthcare journey.

We go above and beyond the expectations of a 503A compounding pharmacy
with quality and compliance at the foundation of everything that we do. Our Core Values
are embedded in our day-to-day operations and company culture. 

do the right thing

Trust matters. We demonstrate unwavering integrity, honesty, and reliability in our decisions and our actions even when no one is looking.

quality matters

As a Compounding Center of Excellence™, we raise the bar and exceed industry standards for safety and quality assurance in a way we can demonstrate and quantify. We begin with the end in mind and use data to make informed decisions.

question everything

We don’t go through the motions. Critical thinking is everything. We always understand what we do and why we’re doing it. If we don’t know, we ask. Knowledge is power and non-stop learning is key to our success.

Our Core Values at Work

Hear from some of our team members on how they live out our core values.

Do the Right Thing

Valor places a strong emphasis on core value “Do the Right Thing”. Founder and CEO, Rick Niemi says “Our collective commitment to integrity and regulatory compliance is crucial in today’s business world, and particularly in our industry where trust and ethical behavior are of great importance. Having a company-wide commitment to this core value, with all departments and team members being held accountable, sets a positive example and creates a culture of responsibility and ethics. Valor values trust, and doing the right thing builds meaningful relationships with everyone we work with.” 

Quality Matters

Christine Stephanos is Valor’s Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer. In this capacity, she oversees the Compliance department which embodies “Quality Matters”. Together as a team of 3 senior pharmacists and a performance improvement analyst, they keep up to date with the dynamic compliance and regulatory changes impacting compounding pharmacies. Christine’s role is crucial to the health and success of not only Valor but also the patients and businesses with whom we partner.

Christine headshot

Question Everything

As a company grows, the way it operates should evolve to reflect the needs of the employees and its customers. Valor’s Vice President and Chief Business Officer, Sherine Khalil leads the team to optimize operations through technology, training, and scalability while ensuring adherence to compliance. “Question Everything” is a critical core value that helps lead Valor, its employees, and its partners to success in delivering excellent patient care and service. Sherine encourages the team to solve the root cause of any issues and to continually improve operations as opposed to following the status quo. Constantly thinking of new ways to do things helps create cohesion among Valor’s many different departments.

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