Recommended Supplements

Valor Compounding Pharmacy partners with select, top-quality manufacturers of dietary supplement products.

Our E-Stores

We have hand-picked supplements that we recommend as additional support for patients in the medical disciplines that we serve with our compounded medications. We recommend that you speak with your doctor or nutritional consultant about which supplements are right for you.

You’ll find Valor’s curated products in our two e-stores, established in partnership with Designs for Health and Metagenics.

Our e-stores include supplements and supplement bundles to support kids’ health, fertility, prenatal health, hormonal health for men and women, and much more.

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Visit the stores below to purchase your supplements online, with shipment directly to your home.

Designs for Health E-Store
Metagenics E-Store

Why do patients and doctors choose dietary supplements?

Dietary (or nutritional) supplements address a wide variety of health issues, as well as serving to improve and maintain general health.

Supplements can provide a single vitamin or include a combination of ingredients designed to provide broader support for prenatal mothers and babies, a libido boost, reduction of inflammation, management of anxiety, better sleep, an increase in energy, immune system support, and other benefits.