Prescriptions Atropine

Atropine eye drops prescribed by your Ophthalmologist

Your atropine prescription will come at a flat rate, with free shipping, and fast turnaround.*

Our Pricing


Each bottle contains 10mL.**

*California is the only state we ship sterile compounded medications at this time.

**Each 10mL bottle provides you with over 30 doses. We send each batch of medication for tests to ensure high quality. You can email us at for more information.

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Flat-Rate Pricing

Your price shouldn’t change with your dosage. Valor offers flat-rate, 30-day packages for many variable-dose medications.

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Free Shipping

We take shipping costs out of the equation. Your prescription comes with free two-day shipping, nationwide.

***Atropine compounds will be shipped the next day since they require refrigeration or freezing temperatures for quality assurance.

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fast turnaround

While other compounding pharmacies take a week, we deliver to your home or doctor’s office within four days.

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