Delivery of Compounding Medications

One size does not fit all.

At Valor, we recognize that honoring this principle demands more than simply producing compounded medications that meet and exceed regulatory and quality standards. 

As part of the continuum of medical care, Valor seeks to improve the entire compounded medication experience for all participants—from patients and physicians to healthcare systems and clinical researchers.

For Patients

Easy & Predictable

Valor focuses on what is best for the patient. For individuals who rely daily on specialized medications, that means reducing anxiety and making the experience simple, fast, and predictable. 

  • Flat-Rate Pricing

  • Free Shipping

  • Fast Turnaround

For Partners

Deep Expertise, Economical Solutions

Valor is an active partner within the wider healthcare community, supporting a range of stakeholders by leveraging our experience, critical thinking, and compounding capabilities to pay it forward.


You can reduce your patients’ anxiety with predictable pricing and quality compounds with easy prescribing to Valor.

Health Systems

You can improve your patient and physician satisfaction scores by choosing and contracting with Valor as your compounding pharmacy for your organization.

Clinical Researchers

You can count on Valor to consult about and provide you with placebos or the custom compounds you may need for your grant funded research.


You can provide your employees with Valor Compounding Pharmacy’s excellence in custom medication as a dedicated resource and benefit.

Valor Values

Every aspect of the healthcare experience should serve the best interests of the patient–clinically and personally. Valor pursues that goal by adhering to our core values in everything we do, and in support of everyone touched by our work.


We operate with honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical standards.


We strive for excellence and continually look for innovative ways to improve our work.


We take pride in our work and performance.


We encourage collaboration, share, listen, and recognize clearly stated team goals and objectives.

Critical Thinking

We always question issues, discuss, and solve the root of problems, with a can-do attitude.
compounding pharmacy prescription

Valor is both a sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacy following USP guidelines.


Insurance Networks

We are an in-network compounding pharmacy with Express Scripts. While we do not adjudicate claims, we provide our patients with a completed universal claim form that can be submitted to Express Scripts for coverage reimbursement according to each individual’s plan.
We accept Care Credit for eligible compound medications, including pets.