Learn Why Compounded Medications

Medications that fit the unique needs of individual patients.

By combining FDA-approved pharmaceutical ingredients into compounded formulations, compounding pharmacies come up with alternative solutions for patients, when commercial prescription drugs are not suitable.

Non-Standard Doses

You take a commercially available medication but require a dose that is not available. We’ll make the dose as requested by your healthcare provider to ensure that you are taking your medication safely and correctly.

Ingredient allergies

You are allergic to an ingredient in a commercially available medication. We’ll find alternatives for you that remove that ingredient.

Commercial availability

A commercially available medication that you usually take is no longer available. We can compound it for you.

personalized formula

Our pharmacists will work with your physician to find the right balance and compounded formula that works for you.

administration restrictions

You have a baby or a child that cannot swallow a pill with no commercially available alternatives. We can convert your child’s medicine into a suspension or liquid form to allow for easy administration.

Ease of use

You have a household pet or exotic animal that cannot easily take a commercially available medication. We can compound an easy-to-use form of the medication for you.

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