Compounding Pharmacy Serving
West Virginia

Valor Compounding Pharmacy is licensed to deliver compounded medications to doctors and patients in West Virginia. We provide flat-rate pricing, free shipping, and fast turnaround.

You Can Order Compounded Medications in West Virginia from Valor Compounding Pharmacy

Flat-Rate Pricing

Valor offers flat-rate pricing for many variable-dose medications.

Free Shipping

We take shipping costs out of the equation. Your prescription comes with free two-day shipping.

fast turnaround

We deliver to your doorstep within four days.

You can contact us to inquire about our products and services.

Call us at (855) 554-2889

For Patients

Do you already have a prescription for compounded medication?

For Patients

Are you looking for a doctor in West Virginia that prescribes compounded medications?

For Providers

Are you a West Virginia-licensed physician who would like to prescribe compounded medications for your patients?

Order Compounded Medication Now



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